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Save Money, Zero Hassle

If you ever had your own vehicle, you know the headache of managing the same. Be it maintenance of vehicle or finding and retaining a driver. A meagre saving of owning vehicle soon gets replaced by major expenses and loss of time which could have been spent on other important activities

Ease of Expense Management

Compared to traditional methods where one has to keep track of lots of challans and who has been paid and who hasn’t. Using SENDIT for booking vehicles, gives single page view of deliveries and payments (on web and app)

Vehicle Tracking

Be it transporting goods of high value or expecting the time of arrival for vehicle, you don’t have to wait unnecessarily with our “track vehicle” feature. (within city transport only)

Transparent Pricing

“I love bargaining with tempo drivers”, no customer said ever. For every order that you book, you only pay what you should. No surge prices, no hassle of unnecessary bargain.


How we have been helping few of our clients, making their lives easier ______________

1. MH Electronics

Pune's biggest electronics retailer
  • Pune based electronics retail outlet with 13 outlets and couple of godowns has been doing 100+ deliveries everyday.
  • To take care of delivery to clients location, company had logistics vendors who used to take care of 50% of deliveries. Rest half of the deliveries were either done by company's own vehicles or by finding tempos on demand.
  • The major problem was, like most other businesses, the client faced similar problems of managing different logistics vendors, own vehicles and finding vehicles on demand.
  • Deliveries got delayed, at times even 3 days! At times, orders got cancelled as well. The vendors kept on misplacing the hard copy of challans. Critical time was wasted in finding drivers for own vehicles.
  • That is where, SENDIT's Solution for Business does magic. Since association, SENDIT team and crew of verified drivers have made sure that client does not miss a single delivery
  • Customers are happy because they get regular updates about delivery of their orders along with vehicle tracking.
  • Client is happy because, he has seen 20% reduction in his logistics expense and now, customers are being entertained without worrying about deliveries.
  • SENDIT's solution has made operations flawless with all the orders, dispatches and deliveries available on single screen.

2. Grofers

India's leading online grocery delivery service
  • SENDIT is taking care of India’s fastest growing grocery startup’s logistics operations in Pune. While the segment of grocery delivery has seen many entrants, the competitive environment has asked for better grip on every aspect of operations.
  • While the client has got edge on understanding customer needs and translating the same into their offering, delivery is still major pie which can make or break a brand and growing organisation.
  • Earlier, client had multiple vendors who in turn used to deal with multiple fleet owners and drivers which lead to talking with so many people and having open loose end. Many a times, that results in delay in deliveries and poor customer experience.
  • Since SENDIT got associated as logistics partner, the team has been doing 700-800 deliveries on an average every day with the help of 34 vehicles and partners.
  • Overall customer experience levels have gone up and so is the case with customer retention.

A few words from our clients

Customer Testimonails

Sendit helps us in handling our daily operations really well by providing tech-enabled trucks on time. Sendit app is user friendly and provides real time updates.

Piyush Lunia Stencil
Customer Testimonails

Transportation of any goods seems easy. Sendit keeps things moving very smooth with good customer support.

Somil Darbar Reflectionz
Customer Testimonails

Sendit is our long term logsitcs partner for business. We get good services at better prices than any other service provider in the city.

Prince Golecha M Golecha Ceramics
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